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quality standards


AL-CO ALUMINUM is a company that produces painted disc / painted plate for metal kitchenware, protects the environment with technological and high quality working phenomena in production activities, follows guidelines and gives importance to occupational health and safety, and undertakes to comply with customer requirements and demands. As an organization aiming to adopt and implement the management approach, it undertakes that it will provide all the resources needed for the functioning of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

In this context, our Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy includes the following items.

  • To respect the environment in the use of natural resources

  • To act in accordance with the legal requirements and standards stipulated by the management systems

  • To switch to new products and technologies in a fast and reliable way

  • To prevent waste in the use of raw materials and labor

  • To reduce the environmental pollution by saving energy consumption

  • To provide motivating training opportunities to our employees on quality and environment and to provide them with an excellent work conditions

  • To provide our employees equal working opportunities and to prevent discrimination and to improve their occupational health and safety awareness

  • To increase customer satisfaction by acquiring continuous and permanent customers

  • To be fair and transparent in the services we provide to our customers, not to accept bribery and corruption in our relations with our customers and suppliers

  • To create and manage a human resources team that believe in corporate productivity and continuous development

  • To systematically measure the performance of our processes, to provide input and analysis for continuous improvement

  • To produce sustainable development policies that fully embrace the society, cultural and natural values

  • To take an important role in Turkey’s international trade and economics and in the development of international opportunities

  • Not to accept child labor

  • To provide special protection for non-adult workers, not to benefit from any slave, illegal or voluntary labor

  • To comply with the law on working hours.